Non-Contact Displacement, Distance, Position, Oscillation and Vibration Sensors

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Critical Business

We continue to monitor and respond to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and remain committed to the health, safety, and well-being of our customers, employees and business partners. Lion Precision is aware of the recent “Stay-at-Home” order issued by the State of Minnesota to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Lion Precision is deemed essential due to the critical nature of the products we manufacture and services we provide to support public health, and national security. Therefore, we will continue to be in operation, unless directed otherwise.

Introducing the New ECD360

designed to provide high resolution measurements.

New High-Temp Probes capacitive probes

developed to successfully operate at up to 150°C.

New Submersible Probes designed

to provide non-contact displacement measurements while submerged in saltwater or corrosive fluid.

New Product: Mass Change Sensor

Lion Precision’s capacitive sensors can be used to effectively and instantaneously sense any change in the mass of a material

New ECD310

A compact, low-power, cost-effective, two-channel digital eddy current driver that is designed to provide high resolution measurements.

​Bandwidth or resolution, you can have both, your way

Lion Precision’s unique non-contact sensors combine speed with the highest precision. This allows you to get sub-nanometer resolution at high speed. We couple this with our flexible engineering and production teams. More than 60% of our sensors are customized in some way. We understand how to take your unique requirements and quickly customize a solution. We use sub-nanometer precision with our motion control capabilities to tackle your process improvement using non-contact capacitive and eddy-current displacement sensors, machine optimization, or technology advancement challenges. Our goal is to take your difficult precision problem and be an innovation partner to help put you in motion.