Custom Manufacturing Processes

CUSTOM (CUSTomer-Oriented Manufacturing)

Lion Precision is known for Precision, Flexibility, and Responsiveness when designing, building, and delivering the exact solutions the customer needs.  More than 60% of Lion Precision sensors are customized and built specifically for the application, demonstrating our commitment to staying focused on the customer’s exact wishes to provide finished products through custom manufacturing processes that completely fulfill their needs. To make our customers’ lives easier, Lion Precision developed a project management system called CUSTomer-Oriented Manufacturing (CUSTOM). We restructured internal processes for better response to custom sensor orders, whether small changes or complete custom sensors. Using our custom manufacturing process ensures that no matter the demands from our customers, we can coordinate and put into place a manufacturing strategy to quickly deliver product to them, down to their exact specifications. To ensure our entire business is working specifically to help our customers, the coordination between application engineers, design engineers, and manufacturing has been enhanced and streamlined, reducing our lead times from months to weeks..  Custom systems include simple calibrated range changes, vacuum compatibility, mechanical probe changes, unique driver electronics, unusual calibrations, and completely new designs for inclusion in OEM products.  

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​For more information on the custom manufacturing processes we can create for you, or to learn more about the custom-designed products we can create for you while delivering elite speed and precision across your application, contact us today. We’ll be happy to create the sensor systems perfect for your needs.

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