Solve your packaging challenges and become a market leader

If you’re struggling to hit sales targets or find a cost-effective way to produce packaging systems or labels, Lion Precision has the Production Label Sensors technology and industry experience to help solve your most complex label and packaging challenges. We’ve helped dozens of clients in the packaging industry engineer their products faster and for less. From helping you design and manufacture products or sub-systems, to lowering your supply chain costs, our Production Label sensing solutions are designed to help you grow your sales and become the market leader.

Aside from helping to grow sales, our Production Label Sensors and packaging system sensors work to save packagers a significant amount of money throughout their production year. By removing the need for eye marks on their packaging, producers are able to install clear-label sensors that flawlessly do the same job without eye marks. This solution not only saves money, but also saves time as the cost of adding eye marks onto packaging and labeling can be skipped entirely.