Lion Precision Announces Their New EDA400 Driver

Lion Precision, a Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) subsidiary, is pleased to announce their new EDA400 Eddy Current Differential Driver for use in Fast Steering Mirror applications.

The EDA400 system comes with two matched pairs of high-resolution non-contact Eddy Current Sensors. The driver has four sensor inputs (two per axis), an analog or digital output, and a 9-Pin connector interface for easy signal access. The system is designed for use in the aerospace industry and also has applications in telescope, microscope, and camera image stabilization systems.

Among the most significant features of this new driver are its high bandwidth, low mass, extremely low power consumption, excellent temperature stability, and nanometer resolution. It can be customized for specific applications and is also available without an enclosure for space reduction and easy integration into control systems.

With more than 80 years of experience, Carlisle Interconnect Technologies has a proven history of meeting the extreme demands of the Space Industry. It has done so by designing products to fit every need. The new EDA400 achieves this through multiple product offerings including Analog and Digital Outputs and Mil Spec systems. Lion Precision is proud to be a contributor to the innovative technologies offered globally by CarlisleIT.

About Lion Precision

Lion Precision is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high-performance precision sensors, including Capactive and Inductive. For more than 60 years, Lion Precision has set the industry standard for technology, speed, and precision in semiconductor, aerospace, machine tool, packaging, and beyond. Lion continues to develop even greater technology and customized solutions for a broad range of ever changing challenges. With expertise built to adapt to customers application and to provide a partnership approach for lasting success from start to finish. For more information, please visit

About Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high-performance wire and cable, including optical fiber. Having started operations in 1940, the company has grown its product portfolio to include specialty and filtered connectors, contacts, integrated systems and cable assemblies, complex harnesses, racks, avionics trays, and installation kits. In addition to its vast product breadth, CarlisleIT provides customers with a higher level of support by offering engineering and certification services for the demanding environments of the commercial aerospace, military and defense electronics, industrial, test and measurement, and medical industries. For more information, please visit

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