EDA400 – The New Sensor-Driver System for Fast and Fine Steering Mirror (FSM) Applications and Differential Sensing

Featuring state-of-the-art Lion Precision Eddy Current sensors, the new EDA400 controller is the ideal off-the-shelf solution for Fast Steering Mirror and differential sensing applications.

The EDA400 system comes with two matched pairs of high resolution noncontact Eddy Current sensors, the driver with four sensor inputs (two per axis), an analog or digital output and a 9-Pin connector interface for easy connectivity.

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The EDA400 System is Designed for:

  • Fast and Fine Steering Mirrors (FSM)
  • Telescope and microscope stabilization
  • Image stabilization

How the System Works

The differential system provides feedback from any change in the null position. As shown below, small changes in the tilt of the target are measured and sent to the actuator to allow fast and accurate control and positioning.

The EDA400 is available with either an analog or digital (SPI) output.

How Fast Steering Mirrors Work

System Features

  • High bandwidth
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Very low mass
  • Nanometer resolution
  • Matched sensors for high stability and repeatability
  • +/-15 VDC input power

The system can be customized for specific applications and is also available as a board without an enclosure for space savings and easy integration into a control system.

EDA400 Dimensions


EDA400 Specs

Application Content

How do Fast and Fine Steering Mirrors work?

Fast Steering Mirrors are physical systems that track and control laser beams used in telecommunications. An incoming beam is redirected by the mirror to another target. The mirror is mounted on a flexure with the capability to move it in both the X and Y directions. Two pairs of sensors, one on the X-axis and one on the Y-axis, give the mirror control system the exact position of the mirror. This allows the system to make fast continuous adjustments to keep the beam pointed exactly at the intended target. Read More

Fast Steering Mirrors in the Aerospace Industry

Satellites orbiting Earth have mirrors that relay incoming signals from ground stations or other satellites to another receiving station. Since the satellites and thus the mirrors are continuously moving, the signal beam needs to be continuously “steered” toward the intended target. To do this the mirror is constantly and rapidly adjusted to keep the reflected beam redirected properly. Read More

EDA 400 Product Family


EDA400 Product Family

  • EDA400 Analog – Released
  • EDA400 Digital – Coming Soon
  • EDA400 Mil Spec – Coming Soon

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