High Temperature Probes

High Temperature Probes

Capacitive probes are useful in a variety of applications where high-resolution measurements are required. However, sometimes these applications involve elevated temperatures where standard capacitive probes would not survive. Recently, Lion Precision has developed a modification to their probes that enables them to successfully operate at up to 150 ° C.

Product Overview

In addition to the ability to make precise measurements at cryogenic temperatures, Lion Precision’s probes can now be modified to work in elevated temperature environments. Any of our full line of capacitive probe options can now be designed to survive and operate in temperatures reaching up to 150 ° C. Our cables have PTFE jackets that allow operation at 150 o C. All of our probes, including the high temperature probes, can be made vacuum compatible upon request.

Lion Precision probes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The “R” probes are flat rectangular probes which come in either a 25-mm or 45-mm package. In contrast to the rectangular “R” probes, the “C” version probes have a smooth cylindrical shape. Our cylindrical probes have a versatile assortment of body sizes with diameters ranging from as small as 3 mm, to fit in extremely small spaces, to as large as 18 mm for larger measuring ranges. The shapes and lengths of the probes can easily be customized to specific sizes depending on the application. In addition, the probe’s sensing area can also be cut at an angle for mounting on a non-parallel mounting surface or to measure an angled target.

At Lion Precision, we are committed to working with our customers to ensure their success by providing optimized sensing solutions. Lion Precision offers a wide range of custom probe shapes and styles that are specifically designed to fit your exact needs. Over half our capacitive sensors are custom in some way, from custom calibration ranges to complete probe designs for a specific application.

Custom probes can be manufactured to withstand high temperatures (up to 150 o C). Start your custom solution today!

While our standard cable length is two meters, we can make custom cable lengths if needed. Extension cables are also available per request.

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Lion Precision’s versatility lies within our wide range of sensors and drivers that vary size, shape, range, resolution, and output. At Lion Precision we are fully committed to working directly with the customer to meet your individual needs and design specifications. Please contact us by giving us a call or emailing us for a Technical Review.

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