Vibration Test For A Slicing Machine

Probe Setup

The probes are mounted at 1, 2, and 3 around the cutting tool in three axes.




IN LAB RAT BRAIN IMAGING FUSION RESEARCH the brain sample is cut layer by layer using a slicing machine, and then images are taken of each layer. The slice sample needs to be a very thin layer with a uniform thickness. However, the slicing machine can vibrate during cutting. Even a small vibration causes uneven thickness, leading to test result error in the next imaging stage.

LION PRECISION NON-CONTACT CAPACITIVE SEN-SORS are mounted in X, Y and Z orientations around the slicing tool as a final inspection by the slicing machine. Analyzing the vibration data, the user can determine if the slicing machine performance is acceptable. Machines with unacceptable vibrations can be adjusted and corrected. Lion Precision sensors can also be used for troubleshooting and optimization of the slicing operation.

Vibration Test for a Slicing Machine