Machine Tool Sensors

Increased insights, increased profitability

Lion Precision’s machine tool inspection capabilities allow you to quickly pinpoint errors that lead to machine downtime and unnecessary scrap. Whether those errors are temperature, position, or dynamic, using our machine tool sensors, we measure machine tools at full operating speeds to drive informed decisions regarding spindle rebuilds, machine acceptance, and job assignments. From production engineers looking for best or worst operating speeds, to production supervisors looking to determine the best machine for a job, or machine builders trying to embed real-time sensing technology to improve a machine’s performance, we have decades of experience helping manufacturers be more productive using our machine tool sensors. 

Our machine tool inspection products enable:

Ability to measure machine tool spindles at full operating speeds
Pinpointing of errors that lead to machine downtime and unnecessary scrap
Determine the best machine for a job
Minimize unnecessary spindle rebuilds or replacements
Expanded knowledge of machine performance to improve performance levels


Spindle Error Analyzer (SEA)
Typical User:  Researcher, Professor, Scientist or Metrologist
Applications:  Maintenance / Calibration, Spindle Development, Machine Tool Optimization
SpindleCheck Analyzer (SCA)
Typical User:  Plant Manager, Production Supervisor or Engineering Lead
Applications:  Production / Machine Shops
TARGA III Dynamic Runout System
Typical User:  Spindle Rebuilders
Application:  High Speed Spindle Runout Measurement
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