Mass Change Sensor

Mass Change Sensor

Often a web-based process will experience a sudden change in mass or thickness.  The Lion Precision capacitive Mass Change Sensor can detect these changes on-line and in real time.

By detecting step changes to the web, the sensor alerts the operator of a problem quickly.  The problem can be diagnosed and remedied before bad product is made.

Product Overview

Lion Precision’s capacitive sensors are extremely responsive and can be used on a wide range of products for mass change detection. The capacitive sensor’s ability to detect nonconductive materials enables it to measure thickness/density changes in many different types of materials. By using a wide probe, our device can sense a large section of the material. As the mass of the material changes, the dielectric in the sensing gap changes as well. This results in a change in capacitance in the sensing area. Our customized probe then measures this change which is output as an analog signal from the CPA100 Driver. This system can detect a step change of 5% or more in the target material mass reliably and instantaneously. The sensor can measure materials up to 25 mm thick.

The primary benefit of this technology is the ability to instantaneously detect a step change in the mass of the material passing underneath the sensor. By alerting the operator of the problem it can be corrected quickly before bad product is produced.

At Lion Precision all our capacitive probes can be fully customized. We work directly with you to make sure the sensor will fit in your allotted space and meet your performance requirements. Lion Precision’s probes can be ordered in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations.

Key Benefits

Instantaneously detect a step change in mass of the material passing underneath the sensor. A corrective action can be taken quickly before the problem causes a large, expensive amount of scrap.

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