LRD6300 – Capacitive

LRD6300 – Capacitive

The LRD6300 is the highest performing label sensor currently on the market. Its registration accuracy, speed, versatility (including clear labels), and easy to understand graphic setup indicator make it the most popular choice.

Key Benefits
  • Capacitive label sensors are the best performing in the market
  • 30-Day Guarantee. If the sensor doesn’t work better than what you have, you can return it.
  • The only label sensors with a two-year warranty
  • Capacitive label sensor for virtually every label/liner combination
  • Easy, One-Click Setup even with metallic labels
  • Easy to Understand Display for configuration
  • Typically Same Day Shipment
  • Avoid costly “eye-marks” on label webs which are required for optical sensors. Clear label sensors pay for themselves quickly when you stop ordering eye-marks on your labels
  • Short-Circuit and Overload Protection
  • Technology:  Capacitive
  • Response Time: 20 µs
  • Accuracy: 0.002″ (0.05 mm)
  • Switching Frequency: 10 kHz
  • Operating Temp: 40°F-140°F | 4°C-60°C
  • Outputs: NPN, PNP Open collector
  • Environmental Rating: IP54
  • Power In: +11-28 VDC
  • Fork Width:  0.8 mm / .31″
  • Bar Graph Display:  Yes
Standard Connector

Standard Connector

C Type Connector

C-Type Connector

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