Adjusting Single-Ended Capacitive Label Sensors (LRD6300)


The LRD6300 has both Gap Set and Gain adjustments.

The LRD6300 Single-Ended Capacitive Label Sensor has an automatic setup and manual adjustments:

  1. Remove a label from the liner
  2. Place liner only in the sensor
  3. Press and hold the “G” button for one second until lights begin to move back and forth, then release the button
  4. Setup complete
  5. Verify that a light is on in the LABEL section during a label and in the GAP section during a gap. The manual UP and DOWN arrows can be used to adjust the light bar should it be required.

If the light bar is not moving more than three lights between label and gap, turn on the High Gain setting and repeat the steps above.

Video: Single-Ended Capacitive Label Sensor (LRD6300) Basic Adjustment