Custom Sensor Driver Electronics

Custom Sensor Driver Electronics

Custom driver electronics may be required for your unique applications or environments. Our CUSTomer-Oriented Manufacturing (CUSTOM) management system streamlines the process and creates custom sensors as quickly as possible.

Custom Enclosures

OEM systems may require that the electronics be housed in a unique enclosure. Sometimes it is a completely customized enclosure for a particular system, or circuit boards are mounted in existing OEM enclosures with other electronics.

Some Past Examples:
  • Custom sensor enclosures to meet clean room specifications
  • Convert electronics to a card-edge connector for installation in a motherboard
  • Sealed electronics for hostile environments
  • Modified front panels for additional user interface indicators and options
Custom Sensor Electronics

Additional functionality may be required for your custom sensor application.

  • Oscillator on/off control
  • Unique channel phasing requirements
  • Electronics and probes on one PCB
  • Fully synchronized, high-channel-count systems
  • Special thermal sensitivity modifications
CompactFLEX Customizable Sensor System

CompactFLEX is a digital sensor platform that can be populated with capacitive or eddy-current sensor drivers or a combination. The operation of the system is largely controlled by software making customization easier than redesigning electronics.

The system consists of a mother board with plug-in sensor modules. Custom sensor modules could be designed for your unique application. The ECL150 Eddy-Current Displacement Sensor is built on the CompactFLEX platform. Future standard sensors will also be built on CompactFLEX.

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