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Probe Sensing Area

The probe sensing area determines the probe’s measurement range.

Larger Sensing Area = Larger Range

Probe Sensing Area




Sensing areas are indicated by diameter in mm. They are combined with the Probe Body Model to form a probe model number such as C8-2.0.

Target area diameter must be 130% of the sensing area diameter orĀ custom calibrationĀ will be required.

Probe Cable
Probe Cable


Standard Probe Operating Environment

4Ā°C-50Ā°C; 40Ā°F-120Ā°F

Probes can be used at colder temperatures, including cryogenic temperatures, when condensation (frost) is prevented and the system is specially calibrated for the target temperature range.

Standard Probes can be ordered asĀ vacuum compatible.

Custom Probes

A large percentage of our probes are customized for unique applications. OurĀ custom probesĀ page has some examples.

Standard Probe Body Styles

Standard probeĀ cable lengthĀ is two meters.

3mm Cylindrical:

5mm Cylindrical:

8mm Cylindrical:
9.5 mm Cylindrical (3/8″):
18mm Cylindrical:
25mm Cylindrical:
C5R Probe: