Using a 5-Channel CPL230 to Measure Vibration of a Bearing in Multiple Axes


Five Precision Probes

Used to simultaneously measure all five error motions in a precision bearing.


CPL230 Capacitive Driver


Capacitive Sensors measure displacement in a single direction. For this application multiple sensors were positioned to measure the runout and vibration of bearings in a production environment. Utilizing multiple probes yeilds simultaneous readings of the different axes. A multi-channel enclosure is a compact and convenient way to get the output from all probes at once. Another advantage of a multi-channel enclosure is that the signals are synchronized internally to prevent cross-talk when multiple channels are measuring the same target.

Our Customer, a bearing manufacturer was using a competitor’s induc­tive sensor to measure displacement at various points on a pressed-in shaft with inadequate results. Lion Precision’s solution was a CPL230 with CS-3.2-2.0 and CSS-3.2-2.0 probes. Due to space constraints the customer used the short versions of the probes which have identical performance characteristics to their larger counterparts. The shaft was spinning in the bearing as the measurements were taken. Both vibration and runout were measured simultaneously in five axes giving a complete picture of the bearing’s motion and mapping the error results. Lion Precision equipment was a critical component of testing the bearing’s stability and ensuring that they were within the manufacturer’s specifications.

Measure Bearing in Multiple Axes