Spindle Error Analyzer

Software Download

The Spindle Error Analyzer software collects data from the sensors, calculates error motions, and displays numerical and graphical results. Up to four test windows can be viewed simultaneously, or any test window can be viewed full screen. Test data can be archived for later viewing and comparison with future tests. The software includes windows for configuration, photos, probe setup, and system diagnostics; a complete on-screen help system is included.

Spindle Error Analyzer System

The Spindle Error Analyzer performs tests in compliance with these standards:

ANSI/ASME Standard B5.54-2005: “Methods for Performance Evaluation of CNC Machining Centers”
ISO230: Test Code for Machine Tools, 3:“Determination of Thermal Effects“ 7:“Geometric Accuracy of Axes of Rotation”
ANSI/ASME B5.57-1998: “Methods for Performance Evaluation of CNC Turning Centers“
ANSI/ASME B89.3.4: “Axes of Rotation, Methods for Specifying and Testing“