Spindle Check Inspector

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Operating Mode
When the SpindleCheck Inspector is launched (Start > SpindleCheck Inspector) it will try to connect to a SpindleCheck device. If it is successful, the Home Screen will be displayed.

If it does not find a connection to a SpindleCheck device, you will be given the option to Retry the connection, or to View Data previously collected.
More details in the Launch SpindleCheck Inspector section.

Machine Selection
To make measurements, SpindleCheck Inspector requires a SpindleCheck device to be connected and a machine to be loaded from the database. When a device is not connected and/or a machine is not loaded, Home Screen measurement buttons will be deactivated (grayed out).

More details in Select a Machine (Machine Manager).

Status Bar
The Status Bar at the bottom of the screen displays the following information:
• SpindleCheck Inspector software version
• Connection to device status:
▪ Device Connected
• Rotation status:
▪ Spinning
• Current RPM
• Constant Error/Unstable
• Currently selected pin size. Accurate measurements require the correct pin size be selected.