Spindle Check Analyzer

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The SpindleCheck is a hardware and software package for measuring the dynamic performance of machine tool spindles.

Fundamental Concepts

SpindleCheck uses noncontact, capacitive sensors to measure error motions as changes in position of a precision target pin installed and rotating in the machine spindle.

The pin includes a copper strip used to trigger a once-around index pulse. This index sets a reference for angular location of the spindle to align measurements from multiple rotations.

The measurements are collected and analyzed by the SpindleCheck software. The results of the live measurement or archived measurement file are presented on polar and linear plots with calculated values of standard error motion measurements.

Tests Performed by SpindleCheck

SpindleCheck performs the following tests as described in ISO, ANSI/ASME, and JIS standards:

  • Radial rotating sensitive direction
  • Radial fixed sensitive direction
  • Axial error motion
  • Thermal stability
  • Temperature variation error
  • FFT Analysis

Additional Capabilities of SpindleCheck

  • Oscilloscope display
  • Analog meter display