Using a Lion Precision Sensor for Glue Detection on Cigarette Tipping Paper

Cigarette Tipping Paper Case Study


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The customer now has real-time monitoring of glue presence or absence on the tipping paper.


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The Solution

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CIGARETTE MANUFACTURING often requires the cigarette to have a filter. Tipping paper is placed around the filter. Traditionally, cigarettes were only produced with imitation cork tipping paper. Today, the market requires tipping paper of every kind and color to personalize cigarettes as much as possible. The higher demand of the so called “light” cigarettes requires perforated tipping paper to lower nicotine and tar levels.

When the tipping paper is wrapped around the filter, a water based adhesive is used to hold both ends of the paper together. Lion’s solution was to use a CPL230 capacitive sensing system to verify the application of glue on the tipping paper. During manufacturing, the cigarette assembling machinery runs at extremely high speed. The 15Hz bandwidth of the CPL230 system allows it to easily keep up with high speed process and deliver a virtually instantaneous change in output when glue fails to be applied to the tipping paper.

LION PRECISION HIGH SPEED non-contact sensors are the best choice for glue detection and many other industrial detection and position measurement applications.