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In a rocket engine liquid oxygen and liquid methane are burned to produce thrust.  Turbopumps are used to move the fluids to the combustion point.  It is important to monitor the speed of each turbopump to ensure that they are all operating at the proper speed. Lion Precision uses an eddy current sensor capable of operating in the cryogenic environment to measure the tips of the turbopump blades as they pass by. The Blade Pass Detection system uses a custom eddy current sensor designed for use at cryogenic temperatures and a modified version of the ECL202 driver with a pulse output to monitor the blades at speeds up to 100,000 rpm.

Product Overview

Blade Pass Detection Side View Diagram

Blade Pass Detection Side View Diagram

One application for our noncontact sensors is monitoring the speed of turbopumps in rocket engines. Our sensors can be installed to detect the pump rotor blades as they pass by.  This allows better control of the pump speeds to keep them operating properly.

Another similar application is monitoring the shaft runout of the turbopump.  The same sensor can also be used to measure the error motion of the pump shaft in operation.   Excessive runout or vibration on the shaft can signal problems with the pump bearings or with the fuel flow.

Blade Pass Detection Top View Diagram

Blade Pass Detection Top View Diagram

Lion Precision has developed sensors that can operate in cryogenic environments. Each sensor is custom designed for the individual application.  The size, material and process fitting can be specified per your requirements.

Key Benefits: 

  • Monitors the speed of a turbo pump by measuring blades as they pass
  • Operates at cryogenic temperatures
  • Can perform measurements at up to 100,000 rpm
  • Allows monitoring of a turbo pump during the firing of a rocket engine

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