LRD5100 – Capacitive

LRD5100 – Capacitive

The world’s only capacitive tear-tape sensor. Works on clear and not-clear, nonmetallic tear-tape materials. LRD5100 will sense missing clear or colored tear-tapes in overwrap applications.

Key Benefits
  • Clear-on-clear sensing
  • No adjustments necessary after initial setup
  • Tear-Tape Design
  • Capacitive label sensors are the best performing in the market
  • 30-Day Guarantee. If the sensor doesn’t work better than what you have, you can return it.
  • The only label sensors with a two-year warranty
  • Easy Setup
  • Typically Same Day Shipment
  • Short-Circuit and Overload Protection
  • Technology:  Capacitive
  • Response Time: 20 µs
  • Operating Temp: 40°F-140°F | 4°C-60°C
  • Outputs: NPN, PNP Open collector
  • Environmental Rating: IP54
  • Power In: +11-28 VDC
  • Bar Graph Display:  No
Standard Connector

Standard Connector

C Type Connector

C-Type Connector

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