Product Life-Cycle Status

As part of Lion Precision’s constant effort to provide all necessary information to users and potential users, we list the life-cycle status of all of our products. Life-cycle status will help you in long-term planning and product selection.

When products are discontinued from Active status, they may still be available as custom parts for OEM customers if necessary.

Active products are the latest design and have no pending plans for discontinuation. All new designs should use active products.

Not Recommended for New Designs
The product is still available for sale but has a “Last Order Date” (usually within six months) after which it will no longer be available.

Calibration and Limited Repair Only
The product is no longer available for sale but will be recalibrated and repaired. Repairs may be limited by part availability.
Calibration Only
The product is no longer available for sale or repair but can be recalibrated.
Not Supported
The product is no longer supported at any level; manuals may still be available.