Dynamic Non-Contact Measurement and Analysis of a Grinding Machine

Measurement Case Study


Spindle Error Analyzer

The Lion SEA system is used to measure and analyze the spindle performance:

• Synchronous error, asynchronous error and total error to improve the manufacturing and quality decrease scrap, thus improving product yield.

• Spindle elongation of Z axis and Y axis with the change of temperature, to optimize the cooling system.


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The Solution

Spindle Error Analyzer parts
Spindle Error Analyzer (SEA)

Grinding Machine Diagram

LION PRECISION TEST PRINCIPLE is using the capacitive sensors to measure the displacement of the spindle while rotating. The transfer all data to the SEA software, after processing and calculation, spindle performance is shown on the software interface with plots. A lion Precision target pin is mounted in a pin holder in the spindle, and five Lion Precision sensors are mounted around the target pin in X, Y, X2, Y2 and Z directions. Seven Lion Precision temperature sensors are attached to the desired locations on the spindle housing.

SPINDLE STATUS ANALYZER is necessary in the grinding machine design and manufacturing to improve quality. The manufacturer wants to improve the product’s quality and optimize the cooling system. Moreover, the manufacturer wants products to be more precise and advanced to meet the requirements from the international market. The spindle is a critical part of the grinding machine. Any performance error or malfunction could result in a quality issue, plus rework or scrapping material takes effort, adds cost, and decreases the product yield. With Lion Precision SEA system, they can troubleshoot and optimize the grinding machine.