Digital Outputs

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To simplify the experience for our customers, Lion Precision has developed product lines for both Capacitive Sensors and Eddy Current Sensors that feature digital outputs instead of analog. By doing this, our customers no longer need to install and configure an analog-to-digital converter to be able to process the data coming from our products. No more converters, means shorter setup times and lower cost.

Our products may feature four different types of digital output. They are Ethernet, EtherCAT, USB and SPI.

Outputs Available

Ethernet Connector

Diagram 1 – Ethernet Connector (Image not to scale)

Ethernet (TCPIP)

  • Ethernet is the most common type of local network used today
  • Reaction time of 100ms on average
  • Web API
  • Allows for flexible network topology
EtherCAT Connector

Diagram 2 – EtherCAT Connector (Image not to scale)

EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology)

Using the same connector as Ethernet, EtherCAT is a protocol developed by Beckhoff Automation. The main objective of this protocol is to decrease cycle times for real-time automation purposes.


  • Increase processing speed (reduce cycle time) and avoid delays (≤ 100 μs)
  • Lower data requirements for equipment
  • No external switches are needed within the network
  • Allows alternate topology options
  • Reduces data traffic in the network
  • Provides redundancy for intra network communication
  • The distributed clock system lowers jitter (accurate synchronization ≤1 μs) and provides more accurate data
USB Connector

Diagram 3 – USB Connector (Image not to scale)

USB 2.0

  • 480 Mbit/s speeds
  • USB interface is in most cases self-configuring
  • Cable length limitations
  • Strict tree-network topology
  • Communication with only one peripheral at a time
SPI Connector

Diagram 4 – SPI Connector
 (Image not to scale)


  • Synchronous protocol (Host generates clock signal)
  • Allows for transmitting and receiving data at the same time (full-duplex interface)
  • Allows for one host and multiple peripherals
  • Flexibility for implementation to any embedded system


The table below showcases the available output options by product line. For the Capacitive Sensor lines, the CPL590 is the digital output option while the ECD360 and ECD310 are the Eddy Current options.

CIT BTC Digital Outputs Table

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