Single Sensor for Detection of all Types for a Pharmaceutical and Chemical Manufacturer

Label Sensor Case Study


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Lion Precision label sensors can detect all label types quickly and reliably.

• No need to change label sensors when changing label types.

• LRD6300C saves the downtime necessary for exchanging sensors.

• Bottling speed increased from 700 pcs/min to 1,000 pcs/min.


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The Solution

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LRD6300 – Capacitive


All types of labels detected using one label sensor.

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PRECISION LABEL DETECTION used to be a difficult and time-consuming issue for this pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturer. The manufacturer uses various types of labels, many of them require switching out the label sensors. This required machine maintenance and down-time as well as setup for the new label sensors.

By switching to the Lion Precision LDR6300 label sensor, the manufacture was able to detect all the different labels in use with one sensor. They were also able to increase bottling speeds by almost 50%. The higher reliability of the Lion Precision sensors save time and money as well.

LION PRECISION LABEL SENSORS use optics-free technology and they can thus detect labels optical sensors cannot. Utilizing capacitive technology, they are easier to setup, more precise, more reliable and much faster. In addition to standard labels, they can be used for labels that:

  • Are clear or have metallic ink
  • Have high-carbon black ink
  • Are made of paper or holographic substrates
  • Use hot stamp, solid foil or metal