Clear Label Sensor Adds “Quickset” Function For Maximum Ease Of Use

St. Paul, MN USA, October 15, 2012

LRD8200The Lion Precision LRD8200 Ultrasonic Label Sensor can now be adjusted in one step. The new “Quickset” function enables the user to simply press a setup button one time to adjust the sensor for gap detection on typical label webs. The sensor can still be adjusted manually if finer adjustment is required. “We’ve always avoided ‘teach-mode’ sensors” says Mark Kretschmar, communication manager for Lion Precision. “Sensors that feature teach-mode operation take control completely away from the user. Our experience has shown that there’s always a label that needs fine tuning to run reliably. So instead, we have a Quickset that instantly adjusts the sensor for a typical label, but leaves the user in control if the setup needs further adjustment.”

The LRD8200 sensor uses two adjustment buttons and a simple 7-element indicator as a user interface. A shaded area on the indicator shows which lights should be on when the machine is running. With a light touch to the adjustment buttons, the user adjusts the indicator to the proper display for a gap between labels –  or simply place a gap in the sensor and push both buttons to automatically set the sensor for a typical label. When the machine is running, the shaded “running” area makes it clear if the sensor needs any further adjustment. The new version of the sensor is expected to be available November 1, 2012.

Lion Precision created the world’s first and only clear label sensor in 1995 – the LRD2100. The LRD sensor line has expanded to include other sensing technologies for different types of label materials and improved user interfaces and setup ease. With an installed base of over 50,000 LRD sensors, they are easily the world’s most popular clear label sensors.

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