Targa III




Capacitive Sensing
High reliability and high resolution

Target Selection
Select gage pin sizes of 1/8”, 2mm, 1.75mm

Metric and Inch Units
User selectable

ISO 9000 Compliant
Calibration is NIST traceable

Manufactured by Lion Precision
For over thirty years we have been a world leader in the design of high-resolution, high-speed capacitive gauging. Our customer service is second to none.

BNC Output Voltage:
0-10VDC -TIR, DRO Modes
Targa III Dimensions



BNC Output Voltage Scaling:
Metric Units: 25µm/V
Inch Units: 0.001”/V
BNC Output Resolution: 625nm, 0.000025”
Display Resolution: 0.5µm/, 0.00002”
Measurement Range: 250µm, 0.010” (1/8” pin)
Near Gap: 125µm, 0.005” (1/8” pin)
System Power In: ±15VDC @ 0.25A
External Power Supply: Included
Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz


Dynamic Run-out

Dynamic Run-out, now industry standard terminology, was first coined by Lion Precision when the original TARGA Dynamic Run-out System was introduced.  It was the first and only system that could measure spindle run-out at operating speeds. The only run-out measurement that really counts. RPM measurements and printed reports require connection  to a computer running proprietary software not included.

No. Export License

ECCN Classification: EAR99

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Capacitive vs. Eddy-Current Sensors

Some run-out sensors use eddy-current technology.  Eddy-current technology does not work well with rotating, ferromagnetic targets. The Targa III uses capacitive sensors which are not affected by a rotating target. This chart shows run-out measurements of the same spindle using eddy current and capacitive sensors.

Capacitive vs. Eddy-Current Sensors

MFG3-0521 TARGA III System Includes:
  • TARGA III Electronics
  • C8-2.0-2.0 Capacitive Probe
  • EPS External Power Supply
  • Calibration Certificate (Traceable to NIST)
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual
Accessories and Spare Parts:
  • 2201-0010 Precision 0.125” Gage Pin (2-4 recommended)
  • P015-3375 Fiber Optic Tachometer

Ordering Information

Please contact Lion Precision for ordering information. We can be reached via email at, or via telephone at (651)-484-6544.