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This device uses a standard capacitive sensor to create a high-performance, LVDT-like contact measurement system. The noncontact capacitive sensor measures position changes of a target on the internal end of the plunger. Internal air pressure is adjustable to control contact force as low as 0.2 g.

Air-Bearing Precision

The air-bearing of the C-LVDT is the key to providing incredibly high-resolution contact measurements. A porous carbon bearing flows air around the probe’s plunger. The air cushion provides friction-free movement and radial stiffness that minimizes side-loading effects when scanning a moving target.

CLVDT DiagramDiamond Tips

Each Lion Precision C-LVDT comes complete with an interchangeable diamond tip. The high-precision measurements performed by the C-LVDT demand the highest quality contact interface.

Diamond is Superior to Ruby:

Low Friction – Side forces cause less lateral deflection from moving targets and less hysteresis on direction reversal. Highly Polished Surface – Diamond accepts and holds a high polish, minimizing the possibility of scratching the measured surface. Minimal Wear – Increased accuracy and longer life.



CLVDT DiagramSpecifications
  • Measurement Range: 0.5mm, 0.020″
  • Contact Force: 0.2g to 100g
  • Radial Stiffness: <0.25 µm/g
  • Bearing: Linear, porous air bearing
  • Diamond Tip: Radius: 3.175 mm,0.125”| Mount: 4-48AGD Thread
  • Weight of Moving Mass: 4.2g
  • Air Connection: 1/16” ID flexible tubing
  • Air Consumption: 3-7 lpm, 0.10-0.25 cfm
  • Operating Air Pressure: 420-480 kPa, 60-70 psi
  • Air Filter Requirement: 5 µm particle size