Adjusting Single-Ended Capacitive Label Sensors (LRD6110)

The LRD6110 has both both Shift and Span (Gain) adjustments. For most labels, the Span adjustment can just stay in the center position. The only adjustment usually needed is a Shift adjustment.

LRD6110The Trip Point

The Trip Point is at the center of the light bar, between the two center lights under the middle of the big “X” on the sensor label. The objective is to adjust the sensor so the Gap is below the trip point – near the Web end of the light bar, and the Label is above the trip point – near the Label end of the light bar.

  1. (The Span adjustment has a maximum of 4 turns. Turning the Span adjustment beyond the end of the adjustment range will not damage the sensor; the adjustment will continue to turn but no further adjustment will occur, and it may click.)
    Set the Span adjustment to its center position.

    1. Turn the Span adjustment 4 full turns clockwise
    2. Turn the Span adjustment 2 full turns counterclockwise
  2. Center a gap in the sensor, or remove a label and place the liner only in the sensor.
  3. (The Shift adjustment can NOT be turned beyond its adjustment without permanently damaging the sensor. If the adjustment gets difficult to turn, STOP.)
    Adjust the Shift until the light on the light bar is anywhere BUT the last light at the the “Web” end.
  4. Adjust the Shift unitl the light at the Web end just comes on; do not adjust very far past the point where the Web light comes on.
  5. If you removed a label for the adjustment, move a gap through the sensor and verify that the last light at the Web end lights. If it does not, make a small Shift adjustment until it does.