Adjusting Optical Label Sensors (LionEye2)

Optical label sensors, because there are so many models, can vary on setup options and techniques. Some allow Gain and Zero adjustments, others only allow one of the two.

Automatic setup procedure for the LionEye2:
  1. Place web only in sensor (remove a label, or carefully center a gap in the sensor)
  2. Press [+] and [–] at the same time for less than one second
  3. The red LED will begin to flash
  4. Place a label in the sensor
  5. Press [–] for less than one second
  6. The red LED stops flashing
  7. Setup is complete
Fine Tuning

The “Automatic” mode setup should always be successful. However, the gain of the sensor can be 
adjusted manually by pressing the [+] or [–] buttons. The red LED will flash with each button press.

The LionEye2 has many more options that can be accessed through the setup buttons. Consult the instruction manual for details.