For Fast Steering Mirror & Differential Sensing Applications 

Discover the EDA400 Eddy Current Sensor-Driver System 

EDA400 Eddy Current Sensor-DriverThe EDA400 controller is the ideal off-the-shelf solution for Fast Steering Mirror (FSM) and differential sensing applications. The system comes with two matched pairs of high resolution non-contact Eddy Current sensors, a driver with four sensor inputs, an analog or digital output and a 9-Pin connector interface for easy connectivity. Watch the video for a breakdown of the EDA400’s features and applications.

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  • Fast Steering Mirrors (FSM)
  • Telescope and microscope stabilization
  • Image stabilization
Features of the EDA400: 
  • High bandwidth
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Very low mass
  • Nanometer resolution
  • Matched sensors for high stability and repeatability
  • +/-15 VDC input power

The EDA400 system can be customized for specific applications and is also available as a board without an enclosure for space savings and easy integration into a control system.

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