TARGA III Dynamic Runout System

drs-3 dynamic runout systemA specialized, Dynamic Runout configuration of our Elite Series sensors.

The Targa III measures spindle runout (wobble) at various speeds so you know the best speed to run and you know when to rebuild.

This computer-based system provides the Lion Precision exclusive Dynamic Runout (DRO) function enabling you to monitor TIR under different conditions without having to reset TIR. Standard TIR is also available.

An output signal provides an analog voltage proportional to the selected peak processing (Normal, MAX, MIN, TIR, or DRO) .

Profits go down when scrap is generated. In the PCB drilling industry, 10%-15% of drill room scrap is a direct result of spindle runout at speed.

The only way to stop spindle runout and related scrap is to monitor runout and prevent scrap before it occurs. Capacitance sensing is the only choice (see why).



Since we put the Targa system online in 1998 we haven't lost a single product or broken a single drill bit in the drill department.
From 1983-1998 12% of our product fall out was directly related to broken tools damaging product. We are very impressed with the Targa product and how it has helped reduce our total waste and increase throughput.

Mike Chenoweth
General Manager
Proto-Tech Industries

This level of scrap reduction returns a payback
on your investment in as little as six months.

Read the research linking Dynamic Runout with failures, scrap and profit loss.


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