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Spindle Error Analyzer (SEA)

The Spindle Error Analyzer measures and analyzes spindle error motions (dynamic and thermal) in accordance with ANSI/ASME, ISO, and JIS standards. These error motions create form errors in manufactured workpieces. The analysis is also useful in non-machinetool applications where spindle performance is a critical factor.

Part Form Errors

Form errors in manufactured parts are directly proportional to error motions of the spindle. How far away from the correct location

is the cutting tool actually contacting the workpiece?

Finding the Error Motions

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Revolution in Spindle Measurement Video

Revolution in Spindle Measurement
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The Spindle Error Analyzer measures the motions of a machine tool spindle at operating speeds. It then analyzes and reports error motions that decrease part quality. These measurements aid in troubleshooting, prevent unnecessary spindle rebuilds (a remarkably common occurrence), and result in increased part quality and decreased scrap.

A complete measurement system consisting of:


Eric Marsh, Ph.D., Motion Dynamics Research Lab at The Pennsylvania State University

"Troubleshooting by simply looking at unsatisfactory and out-of-tolerance parts is difficult at best. The use of proper measurement tools provides the quickest and most accurate path to identifying causes and solving problems."


Jim Bryan, formerly of LLNL

"Routinely measure machines in your shop to know their health and condition before they make bad parts, before they breakdown."

Predict and prevent part errors

Machine evaluation enables manufacturers to predict and prevent part errors such as:

Find and eliminate spindle error motion sources

Specific measurements required by international standards

Synchronous and Asynchronous measurements of

See this excellent description of rotary axis error motions.

Compliant with international standards

The Spindle Error Analyzer performs tests in compliance with these standards:
ANSI/ASME Standard B5.54-2005, "Methods for Performance Evaluation of CNC Machining Centers"
ANSI/ASME B5.57-1998 "Methods for Performance Evaluation of CNC Turning Centers"
ANSI/ASME B89.3.4-2010, "Axes of Rotation, Methods for Specifying and Testing"
ISO230-3, Test Code for Machine Tools Part 3, "Determination of Thermal Effects"
ISO230-7, Test Code for Machine Tools Part 7, "Geometric Accuracy of Axes of Rotation "
JIS B 6190-7, Test Code for Machine Tools Part 7, "Geometric Accuracy of Axes of Rotation"


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