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Micromachining Spindle Error Analyzer


The micromachining version of SEA uses smaller probes, probe nest, and master ball compared to the standard SEA version.

The system includes the same proprietary SEA Software, sensor system, and ANSI and ISO standard tests for helping you understand the performance of your spindle at operational speeds. The Micromachining Spindle Error Analyzer measures your machine spindles with sub-nanometer resolution. It can use the microNest with 5 mm probes (shown above) or the nanoNest for 3 mm probes.

Machining within microns requires a spindle that is accurate within nanometers.


Improving Micromachining Surface Finish

surface finish

Surface finish problems are directly related to asynchronous error motions of the spindle.

Dynamic, unintentional motions in the direction of the depth of cut (asynchronous error motions) have a direct effect on surface finish. These motions can be caused by bearing wear, vibration from the spindle or other devices on the machine, or from vibration sources in the environment around the machine. When you can measure the motion, you can find the source - without scrapping parts.

Thermal Errors in Micromachining

Long-term shifts in tool position are usually a result of thermal growth (thermal expansion) of the spindle or the structural loop of the machine. SEA monitors temperature at several points while measuring and recording position changes between the spindle and the table. When you can measure it, it's easier to find the source and eliminate it.

Nanometer Measurements for Micromanufacturing

Micromanufacturing and machining can be so precise that your need for measurement resolution has been reduced to the nanometer level. The noncontact displacement sensors used in SEA have resolutions of less then 0.5 nanometers. You can measure the error motions you need to see to make your manufacturing process as effective as possible.

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