Spindle Measurement

Articles about the Spindle Error Analyzer

The Spindle Error Analyzer has been used and documented in articles in the trade magazines. Read the articles online:

Spindlechecking Machines to Prevent Unexpected Failures and Identify Problems (1M PDF)

A 2015 article in Precision Manufacturing Journal about the advantages of spindle measurement.

Corralling and Controlling Spindle Error (bottom of page)

A 2011 article about using SEA smaller probes and probe nests for micro-machining.

Errant Performer or Scapegoat?

A 2007 article in American Machinist documenting the tendency to errantly assume that the fundamental problem in machine performance is the need for a spindle rebuild.

Sensors Spawn Spindle Standard

A 2004 article in American Machinist about the use of SEA with current ANSI and ISO standards for machine tool metrology.

Lion Precision Uses USB to Determine Machine Capability

A 2007 article in National Instruments newsletter about the data acquisition system used with SEA.



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