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“Lion has a good product.  We have used other manufacturer's sensors but they do not perform consistently well.”

Product Families

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Lion Precision produces some of the world's finest noncontact displacement sensors. Our product line has grown to include two technologies for basic displacement sensors and several application specific products based on our high-performance noncontact technology. To best fit your application, we also produce a significant number of custom designed sensors systems.

Displacement and Position Sensors

Capacitive Sensors

Highest resolution for clean dry environments. Measurement Ranges 10 µm to 10 mm
Resolution as low as 0.4 nm;
Bandwidth to 15 kHz;
Linearity 0.2%
Conductive and
nonconductive targets

Eddy-Current Sensors

High resolution for dirty wet environments. Measurement Ranges 0.5 mm to 15 mm
Resolution as low as 0.06 µm
Bandwidth to 80 kHz
Linearity 0.2%
Conductive targets



Application Specific Sensors

Label Sensors

The Clear Label Sensors that revolutionized the packaging industry.
The overhwhelming favorite
for high-tech label sensors
with superior reliability
and a two-year

Machine Spindle Measurement

Measure your spindle performance for predictable
manufacturing of precision parts.
Predict roundness, feature
location, and surface finish.
Avoid costly, unnecessary
spindle rebuilds.







Dynamic Runout Sensor

High speed spindles, such as PCB and medical drills require dynamic measurement of
spindle runout at operating speeds.
The Targa III performs that
measurement with precision and
ease with Tracking TIR technology.

Custom Sensors

Our CUSTomer-Oriented
Manufacturing (CUSTOM) system
enables us to quote, design,
and manufacture a custom
system for your application.
Over half of our orders are
customized in some way.











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