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Speed/Accuracy 3/4
Materials 1/4
Ease of Use 3/4
Low Cost 4/4

LionEye2: Optical Label Sensor

Simple, low-cost optical sensor for non-clear labels.


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If you will never use clear labels, the LionEye2 optical sensor provides simplicity and low cost for general label registration - with Lion Precision customer service and reliability.
A two-button interface makes the LionEye2 flexible and easy to use.

Requires M8, 4-pin connecting cable: 6200-0090

The LionEye2 is a replacement for the original LionEye.

Get the Right Clear Label Sensor, Reduce Future Headaches

The LionEye2 only works with non-clear labels. If a clear label ever shows up on your machine, you'll be down while you wait for a new clear label sensor. See our Clear Label Sensor Selection Chart, or for a complete guide to choosing a label sensor, visit

Label Sensor Specifications

Life-Cycle Status: Active

Response Time

50 µs

Switching Frequency

10 kHz

Operating Temp



NPN, PNP Open collector

Power In

+10-30 VDC

lioneye label sensor mechanical drawing

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