Custom Capacitive Sensors, Eddy-Current Sensors, and Label Sensors

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"Lion Precision quoted quickly, efficiently and professionally. The competition had a 4 week lead time to quote, and 8 week delivery in product.  Lion wins hands down!"

CUSTOM (CUSTomer-Oriented Manufacturing)

We've reduced custom order delivery time by as much as 80%.

Recently, Lion Precision developed a management system called CUSTomer-Oriented Manufacturing (CUSTOM). We restructured internal processes for better response to custom sensor orders, whether small changes or complete custom sensors.

The coordination between application engineers, design engineers, and manufacturing was enhanced and streamlined. This new alignment of departments and commitment to customer service reduced our custom order times by as much as a remarkable 80%.

Get A Custom Sensor Quote"Custom" is the root word of "Customer."
With the ability to customize, all customers can be well served.

Custom is Standard

coin probe

Over half of our orders are customized. Custom systems include simple calibrated range changes, vacuum compatability, mechanical probe changes, unique driver electronics, unusual calibrations, and completely new designs for inclusion in OEM products.

Browse Existing Custom Sensors

You may find a sensor for your application in our existing custom deisgns. Here are some details and examples of our custom work:

Custom Capacitive Sensor Probes

Custom Eddy-Current Sensor Probes

Custom Sensor Driver Electronics

Custom Label Sensors







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