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Capacitive Sensors: Custom Probes

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Custom is Standard

Over half of our capacitive sensor orders are modified in some way; from simple custom calibration ranges to complete probe designs for a specific application, and everywhere in between.

Making It Work For You

In your application, getting a probe into the right place with the right sensing characteristics may require probe design changes. We've done this many times using our CUSTomer-Oriented Manufacturing (CUSTOM) system - a streamlined process to create custom capacitive sensors as quickly as possible.

Use Existing Custom Designs

If an existing custom probe design will work for you, you can save some or all of the time and cost of designing and testing a new custom probe. Maybe we already have a design for your need.

Get A Custom Sensor QuoteSome existing custom capacitive sensors are shown in the table below. The designs here will usually work with the CPL190/290, CPL230 and CPA100 drivers. Contact one of our Application Engineers or local representatives for help in getting the right sensor for your application.

Existing Custom Capacitive Sensor Probes






Custom Capacitive Probe Dimensions 1 inch Very rugged probe for industrial use such as detecting nonconductive polymer thickness during production
cap probe capacitive sensor 800 µm
3 mm
Frequently used in vacuum.
capacitive probe image capacitive sensor dimensions 100 µm Frequently used in vacuum.
R3-F R3 Capacitive Probe Tiny Capacitve Probe Dims 10, 50, 80 µm

0.5 mm sensing area Ø

For measurements near adjacent perpendicular surfaces

N2-F N2-F capacitive Probe N2-F Dimensions 10, 50, 80 µm

0.5 mm sensing area Ø

For measurements near adjacent perpendicular surfaces

C9-K C9-K Capacitive Probe Cap Probe Dimensions 1 mm
1.5 mm
3 mm

9.6 mm sensing area Ø

Designed with vent holes for vacuum. Threaded holes near cable exit for grounding lugs/mounting.

C26-H 2.5 mm
6.0 mm

19 mm sensing area Ø

Has been used in cryogenic applications

C22-H c22-h capacitive sensor c22-h outline 2.5 mm
6.0 mm

19 mm sensing area Ø

C31-T 2 mm
3.2 mm
5 mm
13.4 mm sensing area Ø
R9-Q r9-q capacitive probe capacitive sensor  

23 x 37 mm sensing area

Designed to monitor amount of coatings such as water-based adhesives or glues during the application process. Could work well with any nonconductive material. Can be used for large range (> 20 mm) displacement measurement.

PCB Sensors PCB capacitive probes     Complete OEM custom sensor systems may require many sensors in a small space.


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