RoHS and WEEE Compliance

The Directives

The European RoHS directive advances environmental responsibility by requiring limited presence of environmentally harmful materials in the production of many products.

Exempt Status

Lion Precision products fall under Annex 1, Category 9, Control and Monitoring equipment and are therefore exempt from compliance with RoHS criteria. But we are working toward compliance anyway.

Voluntary Compliance

Lion Precision strives to be a responsible member of both the local and global communities and has responded to this directive by initiating a project to minimize our impact on the environment. In this effort, we are voluntarily working toward compliance in our entire product offering without compromising quality. Many products are already fully compliant with RoHS. We continue an ongoing search for RoHS compliant components and processes for all of our products. When we have verified the quality of the new components and processes, they will be made standard. Eventually, all of our processes and inventory of component parts will be RoHS compliant.

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