Motion Tech Automation Acquires Lion Precision

St. Paul, Minn. USA, October 1, 2015

Motion Tech Automation (MTA), a leader in motion control technology and manufacturing, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Lion Precision, a Shoreview, Minn. based nano-position sensor company. 

 “MTA is excited about the acquisition of Lion Precision. Lion Precision is a world leader in nano-position sensor technology, and this acquisition will enhance MTA’s portfolio with a highly differentiated technology and brand. The Lion Precision business compliments our engineering, motion control technology and manufacturing platforms as well as expands our business into a number of new markets,” said Fred Sutter, President and CEO of MTA.

MTA is well regarded for its unique ability to provide highly differentiated motion control technology, precision machining, and electro-mechanical assembly all under one roof to help customers simplify their supply chains. The acquisition of Lion Precision enhances its position sensing capabilities and markets served. MTA will also provide Lion Precision manufacturing capabilities and resources to help Lion Precision expand its business globally. “Our vision continues to be to provide optimized sensing solutions by partnering with our customers to ensure mutual success. We look forward to increased capabilities and capacity as MTA brings additional resources and expertise to all aspects of Lion Precision’s business, “ said Don Martin, who is continuing as president of the Lion Precision division of MTA.

Founded in 1987, Motion Tech Automation (MTA) began as a manufacturers’ representative firm concentrating on the industrial motion control industry. Since then, MTA has expanded to include a wide range of value-added services and additional products while maintaining focus on the motion control industry. MTA is an ISO9001:2008-certified company, with clients from many industries, including medical, packaging, semi-conductor, machine tool, military, special machinery builders, factory automation equipment, printing and converting.

Lion Precision introduced capacitive displacement sensors to industry in 1958. The company has expanded its product offering to include eddy-current displacement sensors and some application specific sensors for the machine tool, packaging and PCB industries. The company is built on assisting users with sensor selection and implementation by providing technical knowledge resources, expert guidance and optimized systems including custom designs. Lion Precision is well known for its application expertise and assistance in applying noncontact sensor technology.

For more information, contact Lion Precision:
Lion Precision
563 Shoreview Park Road
St. Paul, MN 55126 USA



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