History of Innovation

Dr. Kurt Lion of M.I.T. started Lion Precision in 1958 to provide capacitive sensing solutions to industry. Over the years, our pursuit of solutions has resulted in unique application specific products. In most cases, these products had a powerful and lasting impact on the industry they served.

1963 – Spring Gage

Lion Precision worked with spring makers and developed the world’s first “spring gage”—an instrument that measures the length of springs during production. Today, nearly all spring coilers use spring gages and the vast majority of those gages carry the Lion Precision logo. To support our increased focus on finding more revolutionary solutions, the spring gage product line was sold to Larson Systems in 2003.

1992 – Spindle Error Analyzer

Lion Precision, working in conjunction with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), developed the Spindle Error Analyzer (SEA). SEA uses Lion Precision high-performance capacitive sensors to measure precision spindles used in machine tools and hard-disk drives. Proprietary software analyzes the error motions and thermal drift of the spindle to anticipate its ability to perform its designated function. Today, these systems are used worldwide in over a dozen countries. SEA also forms an important core technology for the research and advancement of machining technology at institutions such as the Machine Dynamics Research Lab at Penn State.

1994 – LRD2100 Clear Label Sensor

The LRD2100, the world’s first and most popular clear-label sensor, revolutionized the packaging industry. Users soon discovered that the LRD2100 provided a better solution for opaque labels as well. Today, over 50,000 Lion Precision label sensors are in use throughout the world.

lrd2100 clear label sensor

1998 – Targa-II Dynamic Runout Tester

The TARGA II Dynamic Runout Tester measures high-speed drill spindles for the medical and printed-circuit board industries. High-speed spindle builders and users across the globe use the TARGA II to maintain peak production performance. In 2005 The TARGA II was superseded by the TARGA III - an adaptation of our Elite Series systems.

dynamic runout tester

2003 – Elite Series Modular Capacitive Sensing System

The Elite Series was the first capacitive sensing system to offer modular sensor electronics with signal processing modules and a connector and software drivers for quick and easy connection to National Instruments DAQ hardware and LabVIEW software.

elite series capacitive sensors

2009 – ECL202 Digital Core Eddy-Current Sensor

The ECL202 is the world's first purely digital eddy-current position sensor. Digital operation provides performance improvements in linearity, temperature stability, and EMI immunity. The ECL202 also has a TEDS interface to transmit calibration and other information directly to National Instrument's LabVIEW software – another first.

ecl202 eddy current sensor

2010 – ECD140 Digital Eddy-Current Sensor for LabVIEW CompactRIO System

The ECD140 is the only noncontact displacement sensor module for National Instrument's LabVIEW CompactRIO system. The ECD140 has a digital core and the digital output is read directly into LabVIEW applications. Keeping the output signal purely digital without the conversions to and from the analog world eliminates electrical noise picked up in wiring between a sensor and the data acquisition system. Using a cRIO module means no additional wiring of power supplies and data acquisition hardware for a simple implementation into CompactRIO based systems.

ecl202 eddy current sensor






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