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TMP190: Seven Channel Temperature Sensor & Encoder/Index Module


Used exclusively with the Spindle Error Analyzer.

The TMP190 is used primarily with the Lion Precision Spindle Error Analyzer. In this application it monitors temperature in various locations of a machine tool while the spindle is tested for error motions. Inputs for encoder pulses and index pulses are processed on board and used by a computer to synchronize readings to specific angular locations.

All Eurocard modules are enclosed in 1, 2, 3, 6, or 8 channel systems, depending on number of measurement channels and support modules ordered.

Life-Cycle Status: Active



±1.8°F@40°F – 180°F
±1.0°C@4°C – 82°C

Output Voltage


Measuring Range:


Sensor Interchangeability Error


*In high EMI environments (10 V/m) temperature measurement may shift as much as 4°C.

Magnetic Mount Temperature Sensor

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