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Capacitive Sensors:
2nd Generation Probes

2nd Generation Probes contain active electronics and are used exclusively with the CPL490 picometer driver.

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1 mil = 0.001"

Sensing Area Diameters


Probe Model Numbers

Measurement Ranges


0.5 2G-C8-0.5 10, 50, 100
0.4, 2.0, 4.0
1.2 2G-C8-1.2 100

Mechanical Details

sencond generation probe outline

Probe Sensing Area

The probe sensing area determines the probe's measurement range.

Larger Sensing Area = Larger Range


Sensing areas are indicated by diameter in mm.


Target surface diameter must be 130% of the sensing area diameter or custom calibration will be required.

Probe Cable

capacitive probe cable length

2nd Generation Probe Operating Environment

15-40 °C; 60-100 °F

Custom Probes

A large percentage of our probes are customized for unique applications. Our custom probes page has some examples.

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