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Overview of capacitive sensor technology and use.


Elite Series

Best Performance
Modular Design

elite capacitive sensing


Great Performance
Compact Multi

cd capacitive sensor


Great Performance
Compact Single

cd capacitive sensor


Analog Proximity
Lower Cost

cpa100 capacitive sensor




10-200 µm 10 µm to 12.5 mm 10 µm to 12.5 mm 10 µm to 12.5 mm 50 µm to 12.5 mm

Typical Resolution*
@ 15 kHz

0.0007% F.S.* 0.003% F.S.* 0.004% F.S.* 0.004% F.S.* 0.03% F.S.*

Typical Linearity*

0.2% 0.2% 0.5% 0.5% Nonlinear

Max Bandwidth

50 kHz 15 kHz 15 kHz 15 kHz 15 kHz

Zero/Offset Adjust

Yes Yes No No Yes

Gain Adjust

No No No No Yes


No No No No Yes

Typical Thermal Drift*

0.02% F.S./°C 0.04% F.S./°C 0.04% F.S./°C 0.04% F.S./°C Driver: 0.2% F.S./°C
Probe: 0.05% F.S./°C

LED Range Indicator

Yes Yes No No Yes


$$$$ $$$ $$ $$ $

Other Features

Optional Signal Processing
and Meter Module

Easy DAQ connection

Embeddable/OEM Design Embeddable/OEM Design

Remote Zero and Gain

Setpoint/Switch output

*Dependent on probe/range/calibration
**Custom calibrations can achieve exceptional resolution performance


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